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I have some experience in Campus Showdowns where juniors go agnst college players. At an Ivy Showdown 2 years back a junior won the title. The Ivy team had 2 blue chips, one was ITA top 100. The junior now playing mid D3 tennis. It's a weird dynamic. The match means nothing to the college guys, everything to the juniors. I understand the dynamics of Napa may be different. As the parent of a college player I can tell you that they don't always want to travel to the fall tournaments. You think the Harvard guys wanted to fly to Napa for the weekend and miss class?
Guess were on the same page had my player there for to reasons work on his serve motion "little tweak" and practice hits . So overall we accomplished what we were after ,in other words my player was not giving it his all , thats to bad those D1 guys had a 16 yr old half-hearted into his matches, with his low standard and their low standard must have been some ugly tennis?
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