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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
have not been to 1 hotel that I have dealt with party goers all hrs , "Oh wait I am bone tired I wouldn't hear them sleeping like a rock!" As for the screaming babies on the flight the Dre Beat headphones have sound reduction can't hear those babies just soft music helping me to sleep on my flight , The only self doubt comes from people like you who do not believe in America , I read your type a mile away with all that Hope and Change!!

I just thought your guarantee on how bad it is , is coming from kids that were raised getting every thing their way
maybe, just maybe, he was talking about the things you will face on the grind of the futures circuit traveling around to a lot of crummy locations in different countries chasing points - not things you've already experienced in nice US locations like kalamazoo, NYC, napa

otherwise it was a good response to TCF - you know, besides missing the entire point of his post because it went above your head

then again, DB may shoot right to the top and the nice atp events and never have to deal with that lifestyle
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