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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
To answer your question, in my experience, no. However, keeping a loose, relaxed, grip through contact on every shot has CURED my TE. When your grip is loose, the shock of contact stops in your hand and doesn't transfer to your arm. A loose relaxed grip at contact also has the benefits of more power and more consistent clean ball striking. Conversely, tightening your grip at contact allows the shock of contact to transfer to your arm, reduces racquet head speed, and alters your swing path impairing clean ball striking.
I second that; it has made the most difference for me long term.

Originally Posted by TimeToPlaySets View Post
My brother swears by this tennis elbow strap. Does anyone else feel these things help? Or just more placebo marketing snake oil?
My opinion ... I found that wearing one throughout the day greatly reduced elbow pain throughout the day, and that aids healing -- because anything you do that causes pain is counterproductive towards healing.

As for wearing one of those when playing, I do that sometimes. In my experience, when wearing an elbow band allows you to play with no elbow pain whatsoever (assuming you are NOT taking painkillers), then it is allowing you to safely play sooner than you would without it. However, if wearing the band merely reduces the pain to the point that you can ignore the pain while playing, then by wearing the band and continuing to play you are increasing the damage and lengthening the time it will take for recovery.
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