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Guys, cataracts come with age. Yes it can run early in some families.

The issue with lasik and cataract surgeries is mainly just the preoperative measurements for the intraoclar lens that will replace the cataracts us lens. Today's LASIK evaluation protocols include measurements for future cataract surgeries, so it shouldn't be an issue.

Yes once you hit 40 or so, you'll start needing reading glasses. Nothing to do with the LASIK directly. If you were nearsighted before, you would not need reading glasses right away, depending on your refraction. But with the LASIK, you take away your nearsightedness, hence the eventual need for reading glasses.

LASIK changes the shape of the central cornea, changing the focus. Since the laser is done on living tissue- it tries to heal itself. This healing is taken into account when calculating the amount of ablation done. Bt there are outliers, patients whose cornea heals faster/more exuberantly. These are the patients whose vision may regress, needing a follow-up laser treatment.
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