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Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
Just as a preface BP, we are all putting down opinions here and I was not trying to be's ok to be passionate about your views, but with all due respect no need to push each and everyone's opinion's aside. That said, I think we can all agree to disagree for those who are on opposite sides.
Actually, I was just asking for clarification of your opinion, that's all.

Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
When going smaller from an OS to a MP that's near OS, my opinion is that it's not much a difference when physically comparing racquet heads and I can say the same would be true going the other way...but I would agree with those and say going bigger does help more with shanks and mishits.
Then you must also agree that going from a Mid to a MP is not much of a difference when physically comparing racquet heads since it's the same 5 sq. in. difference, right?

Originally Posted by ace0001a View Post
Since I am not going to question the view or opinion of a 14 Slam winner, I would chose to believe his retrospective take in equipment is very much a valid one. Also would be fair to say Davydenko, Ljubicic and Ferroro are/were never at the skill level of Sampras or Federer.

Probably...but again I wouldn't question a valid retrospective opinion of said 14 Slam winner.
I would because Sampras is clearly wrong. He's using hindsight to fantasize about what could have been. That's completely flawed logic. It's like saying I should have married that other girl instead because of course my life would be so much better today. But if you did marry that other girl instead, it's also quite possible that your life would have been even worse. She might have gotten really fat, refused to talk to you or have sex with you, spent all your money and put you in the poor house, and then divorced you and took everything you have left. It's the grass is always greener on the other side syndrome. Sampras only THINKS he would have done better with a bigger racquet. Reality could have turned out very differently. He only knows what DID happen and not not what WOULD HAVE happened. Oh, and I should have bought Apple stock back in 1997 when it was only $4 a share. But then again, I didn't because it could have very well gone to $0 a share. Hindsight is always right, isn't it?
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