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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
You can call me and a-hole but like I said when your kids have a dad that allows another parent to abuse them verbally have your kids call me I will have their back also .

Seriously you have a grown man attacking your kids verbally and you do nothing WOW.

Its funny I was at a tourny here in Lakewood and there was 2 kids playing one who's dad is the head of psychology at ucla, the head psych is taunting the women and has his kids posted by the fence intimidating the lady and her child , I watched this for about 5 mins then as I watched the head psych decided to tell me "what are you looking at" ? wrong tree! , I walked up to him told him "feel froggy then jump " also said he would need more then the ucla medical center to help him and to knock his crapp off ,

Guess what problem solved .

What I have found in tennis is what I have found in college its a place where people mainly go to learn how to grow up cause their parents dropped the ball and someone needs to get these people mature !
I didn't call you anything. I don't get into these situations because I'm not you. You bring this kind of thing on yourself.

You're funny - classic case of narcissism covering for a lack of self-worth. You didn't go to college, so you slam college and educated people. You're kid gets beat, make an excuse. Someone doesn't agree with you, name call and boast non-existent accomplishments. Nothing to show for your own life, live through your kid. It just goes on and on.

And you feel bad for my kids. Well...
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