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"Invention of Gatorade

In 1965, Cade was approached by Dewayne Douglas, an assistant coach for the Florida Gators football team, about the extreme dehydration faced by Gator football players ... "It didn't taste like Gatorade," Cade said in a 1988 interview with Florida Trend magazine.[2] In fact, according to Cade, when Gators lineman Larry Gagner first tried it, he spat it out and strongly suggested that the original experimental formula tasted more like bodily waste.[2][12]... To make it more palatable, at the suggestion of Cade's wife, the researchers added lemon juice and cyclamate[14] to the original formula of water, salt, sodium citrate, fructose and monopotassium phosphate.[13]
When I attended U. of F. ( 1975-1978 ) it seemed typical that the football team would start strong early in the season with people naming them as contenders to win in their conference, only to fall back to mediocrity as the season progressed. I speculated that they began the season with a huge advantage over their opponents in heat adaptation, which became decreasingly relevant as the autumn progressed.

In 1978 I attended a dinner sponsored by Tau Beta Pi (an engineering society) at which Dr. Cade was the featured speaker. In his words, the player told him that his drink "tastes like ****!" Dr. Cade continued, "Having never tasted ****, myself, I could not vouch for his claim. Nevertheless, we did work to improve its flavor."

As to the original issue, I recommend drinking water and snacking on any food high in potassium.
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