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Originally Posted by rich s View Post
stringing machines are like houses, you need to buy as much as you can afford because you will outgrow them both in short order if you don't....

drop weights are great machines but the practice of repeatedly lifting and lowering the bar to get it horizontal gets very old very fast.

also, avoid flying clamps..... while inexpensive fixed clamps are easier to use, are easier to start a string job with and produce a better quality string job...

if you have ~$700 to spend I would recommend either the Gamma Progression ST II or the Alpha Revo 4000..... the Gamma is $729, but if you can come up with $700 you should not have too much trouble coming up with another $29..... and with free shipping from TW on the Gamma and free shipping from Alpha/New Tech Tennis on the REVO you can't go wrong with either choice.

good luck
Rich hope all is well.
Well said, I finally outgrew the concoction and sold it to a local friend, upgraded to the prince 6000

Thanks again for everything
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