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Originally Posted by fx007 View Post
Where are the head pallets ?
Last week they are ready for sale ....

TWE please help with info about ...
I sent TWE an email last week and got this reply:

" Unfortunately Head don't do any replacement pallets anymore. We can't order them in the future. "

but, i am not 100 % sure about this. On another retailer on the internet it says

" Out of stock and presently unobtainable from Head UK and Head Europe. All new orders in all grip sizes have an expected restock date of 20th Feb 2013 from the factory. This is a priority shipment. "

So, hopefully we will see pallets in both TK82 and TK82S in the future. I found the last 4 TK82S in grip 4 from this seller so im set for a couple of years now =)
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