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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
...Yes, he should have been so stubborn because he won 14 Slams with it and was #1 for 6 straight years. You don't fix what ain't broken. If he had switched to a bigger racquet he just may have never won another Slam or dropped in the rankings...

I took Sampras' comments on him wishing he'd tried a larger head size with a grain of salt anyway. It's the strings which have changed the most and which he has elsewhere said are tantamount to cheating - implying the gains made have been significant. Frames really haven't changed all that much by comparison - and a half cm of extra hoop size here or there certainly doesn't make a world of difference compared to other factors (weight, balance, flex, strings, tension).

I've used a PS85 exclusively (other than testin frames) since I was a teen and I'm 100 leagues below Sampras - but with the strings available nowdays they have never played so well, especially in the spin department.
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