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Default Is Radial Deviation Part of the Flexibar Exercise?

I just purchased a blue Flexibar to learn how it works and try some exercises. I don't have TE.

When I do the exercise for TE I notice that the exercise causes radial deviation of the wrist -slightly uncomfortable to the wrist - along with the flexion. The demo Thera-Band website shows this same radial deviation at 0:04 & 0:11 sec of the main video.

Inconsistent - the small video in the upper right - girl in the blue top - does not have this same radial deviation but only wrist flexion, which I assume is how the exercise with the Flexibar should be done. Also, the instructions received with the Flexibar show this same exercise and girl in the blue top, no radial flexion.

If I move my arm out to the side I can almost eliminate the radial deviation.

Probably the blue bar is too heavy for my forearm & wrist but I have no problem twisting it. Maybe supporting muscles are weak?

Can any Flexibar users comment on the inconsistent videos regarding the final position of the wrist?

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