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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
Thank you,
So he mounts the top and bottom loose and then tightens the 12 and 6 clamps. That is different. I thought you mount the 12 and 6 then go to the others. Also I snug up the clamps which according the the video he does not. I guess when he starts pulling strings it will sung up?
All the mounts should be about the same pressure. I snug up the 6 and 12 o'clock supports first. If you tighten your side supports first you may not be able to tighten your 6 and 12 o'clock supports properly. The side supports are connected to you standards on the top and bottom. If you need to moved your standards in you can't if the side supports are snug. If you need to move your standards out your side supports will no longer be snug. Many time when switching from a smaller to larger frame or vice-a-versa you will need to adjust the top and bottom standard(s.)

On my machine I tighten the side supports on the bottom of the racket first but they hold the frame against the 6 o'clock support. Then I adjust the top support and lastly the upper side supports. But my machine is a little different than most in as much as it has a self centering turntable and the upper and lower supports don't have individual adjustments. Each machine's mounting procedure may be a little different. What you are looking for is to be able to mount an unstrung frame with as little distortion as possible with very little pressure but enough to hold fit fairly firmly.
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