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Originally Posted by davo81 View Post
The title states my question: Why do racquets with a small head size have such high prestige among some people?

Out of the current ATP top 10, 6 use a 100 sq in racquet and only 1 uses a racquet with less than 95 sq in. Yet there are so many recreational players who swear by 85 and 90 sq in racquets and who won't touch anything with more than 95 sq in. So why is that the case? Is it mainly an old guys' thing? Is it an attempt to prove something ("Yes, with your Babolat you can win, but only when you can win with an ancient underpowered 85 sq in racquet are you a real tennis player")? Or can there be a genuine benefit of a small head size for recreational players that doesn't matter for tour pros?

I'd be curious to read your answers!
I am one of those 3.5-4.0 who plays with 95 inch head size racket, and the reason is because when I play with, say, 100 head size racket I lose SO MUCH control.
With 95 head size I can swing pretty hard and ball still doesn't go out, BUT, there's a chance that there's something wrong with my swing mechanics.

I hope you understand my not-so-good english
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