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Originally Posted by BMC9670 View Post
I didn't call you anything. I don't get into these situations because I'm not you. You bring this kind of thing on yourself.

You're funny - classic case of narcissism covering for a lack of self-worth. You didn't go to college, so you slam college and educated people. You're kid gets beat, make an excuse. Someone doesn't agree with you, name call and boast non-existent accomplishments. Nothing to show for your own life, live through your kid. It just goes on and on.

And you feel bad for my kids. Well...
Are you speaking of obamas 1st term or me ? Let's see lost to filip peliwo ,"filip played smarter " is what I said , now "Oh educated one" what else do you say other then what I said ? Websters definition for the word excuse , "a reason for what happened " by definition there is always and excuse ! What college did you go to?

Who have you developed ? A legit question

Listen if someone is verbally bashing your kids and you want to stand there I did call you a name cause you feel its wrong to defend those you love , I made and offer have your kids call me !

If I choose to defend my child against some jerk who has come to believe its ok and is sending a signal to his kid that its alright to bash children then right there on the spot I will send the message to his kid and mine "not cool you can get hurt for this behavior" so at that point 3 people are being educated about treating people with respect .

The cops teach respect and following rules with billy clubs, pepper spray, tazers, and the good ole Smith and Wesson .

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