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The dog I had looked after last year when he was run over (as a pup) and then had parvo-virus, has been missing for 5 days.

Prior to that he was badly bitten all over and had not eaten for a couple weeks. This is the mating season, and he had disappeared once. I finally located him in a neighbouring block where there were a bunch of females. After that he would come to my house every morning, I'd feed him lots of bread and milk, and then he'd vanish for the rest of the day.

And then five days back he vanished. Every day I was looking for him morning and evening but he was nowhere to be found. I finally gave up on him thinking he was dead.

Today, i once again searched for several miles just in case someone had dropped him a mile away or he'd followed some female away. No luck.

This afternoon I step out and there he is at my door, he whined a bit. I could smell medicine. As I fed him, I could see that wherever he had bites the hair was cropped and there was medicine. Later, I thought I'd just check and yes, one ear had been clipped which is what they do here when they neuter a stray dog. I could not upturn him to check for an incision, but under his tail there was a vertical cut. Since he has been away for five days, obviously he was in a hospital undergoing the neutering.

I am so relieved. I had given him up dead last night. I was wondering how to deal with it.

Here's an old pic of him with his two little sisters. He will be 2 years old in November, while they turn one in November.

The two little ones are the absolute biggest joys of my life.

Here's a front pic of him eating, several months back.
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