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Originally Posted by catfish View Post
I agree. I used to play quite a bit of league softball. 15-20 years ago, the softball league fees were about $40 per season. I never heard anyone complain about how expensive the fees were. I never heard anyone talking about the administration of the leagues, and no one even knew who ran the leagues. I never saw anyone get into arguments. They just showed up and played softball and enjoyed it.

I started playing tennis about 12 years ago, and couldn't believe the constant whining about how expensive the fees are.....even though they are less than $35 per season.

I haven't seen alot of whining about fees around here, but I wouldn't say the costs are trivial. Our court fees+ USTA membership+ league fees to play on one team for fall and spring seasons was $300-350. I am sure there are teams which play in indoor courts or at country clubs that pay much more. If you play mulitple teams it can really add up. I have definitely had people not join the team that couldn't afford it or people I basically had to subsidize for them to play. If it were just $40 and that was it, yeah we would have nobody complaining about it.
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