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Searched around and found a smaller shop in town that, to my surprise, had the PSL GT available for demo. Took it for a test drive and couldn't believe how much I enjoyed it. I love the way it makes me prepare, focus on my mechanics and swing with confidence.

As I mentioned, I'm a 3.5 player and frankly, this thing probably is slightly out of my league for the time being. The plan is to stick with it though. Part of the reason I've bought into this racquet is because I truly believe my game will improve more rapidly using this stick over the Pure Storm GT I have been using for the past year. The other reason is when used properly, I can hit shots I never would have dreamed of previously. I can create new angles transition my style from primarily baseline bashing to more all-court with some finesse (a concept that has also been foreign to me until now).

No customization yet, but I do plan on toying around with lead based on a few of the suggestions I've seen on this thread.

Thanks for the words and let's keep this thread alive. I find it interesting to read about other folks' experience with this stick.
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