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Originally Posted by goober View Post
How can you say that classic instruction was NEVER correct. Do you really think if modern tennis was taught in the era of 65 sq. inch wood racquets, people it would have been a dominant method of technique? Tennis instruction is constantly in evolution, there is no such thing as absolute correctness for teaching methods. Advances in racquets and strings since the wooden era have allowed for different styles of hitting and grips.

Are you suggesting that we have reached the peak of tennis instruction and there is nothing else to learn? 50 years from now tennis instructors may be looking back on this era and saying how wrong everything was taught. Can you not concede this possibility?
Yes, I will start with agreeing that I can concede that 50 yrs from now they may
say that .......and hope they are right when they do. evolves.

Difference is that classic never had a time when it was really much on track.
Decades went by with players learning classic, but having to evolve before
being much good! Limpin is right that is most obvious with the Fh, but to some
extent with other strokes as well.

If you learn good modern strokes now, you will have very little adjustment to
make if you have the talent to make a touring pro, and you will not be held back
by technique if you are just another good player. Your limitations will be yours.
With classic instruction you were starting with a limitation out of the gates.

Yes, Oscar was teaching modern in 72 with wood, and observed them from best strokes
of current and past pros like Santana. I also can play with modern strokes using
wood, as do my sons...met one of my sons in the finals of a woody tourny just
a few years back with some jokingly suggesting that my game lost nothing with
the wood, some saying my serve was better than usual. I realize that was
due to their diminished returns though, lol. Later in the day I stayed with the
wood and played friends with their modern sticks with no problems.
Modern strokes work great with wood rackets if you know how to do it properly.
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