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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
So you think players should land on 2 feet when serving?
How is "ANY Coach" going to teach the differences in modern and classic, when
most know very little if any modern.

You just likely think it's about the Fh because that is the only place you see most
traditional coaches make an effort with modern and the area where most can see
their needs to improve to keep up. Not having the experience to see the "lack" in
other areas of their game does not make it correct.
No I meant both feet leave the ground.

There is nothing modern in any stroke other than the forehand and you know it. Open stance 2 handed and 1 handed BHs maybe, but they are not to be emphasized as they lead to lazy play, plus they are trivial to learn.

All the hullabaloo is about adding a little topspin on the forehand which the player can pick up by watching any match on TV or from the 1000s of free videos.
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