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Originally Posted by johndagolfer View Post
I am a huge Cowboys fan, and was only watching the Pats/Ravens game cause I had a lot of players in it. WOW. The Patriots often get the calls in most of their games, but not this one. The Refs extended two Raven drives multiple times with phantom defensive holding calls. Definitely got jobbed.

Though I hate that NFL refs are greedy buggers and shouldn't get paid nearly as much as they are asking for, something is going to have to be done about the horrendous calls if this game is any representation of what's going on throughout the league.

I do agree however that with the NFL rules that the last FG was barely good
Being a bills fan I'm obligated to hate the Pats and even I can say they got hosed in that game on those calls.

Though I was hoping for some way for both teams to lose. I can't stand Ray Lewis, man should be in jail. Plax hilariously shoots himself in the leg and gets 2 years while Ray gets nothing.
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