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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
It seems like we look for the same things, so this bodes well for me.

The S3's OS w/ touchwiz IMO is a waste of resources. Its a bad interface IMO.

That Lumia is pretty sweet looking. I may revisit Windows phones in 2 years and see how they grow. I think Windows should go exclusive with Nokia just because then there is no fragmentation. Fragmentation has weakened Droid and stregnthened Apple IMO.
I was 100% bought in to the 920 when I saw Nokia's demo. Then as I did more research I realized that 3% marketshare leads to a huge lack of apps and development. 50% of the apps on my phone aren't available for WP yet. I hope that changes, because I was so attracted that Lumia 920 that if they keep making phones like that, and the OS gets more developer attention, I could very well be bought in.

As for the iPhone, yeah, it's working for me so far. I've been blown away at the speed of the phone and how quickily it executes things. I'm very happy so far.
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