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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Thank you coach32 and the dymanics aren't different. If it wasn't for you, Mike J and a couple others, one could go insane on this forum. Cal coach started this Napa thing, his guys get practice in his backyard, and other teams commit to it for the practice of it, to keep good favor, or trade home field advantage in scheduling, etc. This thing has been around just a few years, and I can tell you the college guys go "ugh" when they learn they are stuck playing it. Even for the teams located closer than Harvard - it's an obiligation, not something they want to do. Agree no one wants to lose, but mostly a lot don't want to play this event. College coaches will give their players parameters - can't hit "such and such a shot" or you have to do "x" twice before you can hit a winner, it is a practice match. So ya, sure they get frustrated playing especially when they can't always play their game. It's just a training session for them. And ya, the Harvard guys don't want to be there, nor do the other players.
Hog wash. It's not this way for "all" player and may be like this if at all for a few. No different than any other fall tourney. Period.
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