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Originally Posted by Limpinhitter View Post
I would agree that the difference between an old school and modern topspin backhand are minor, grip and swing path (don't get me started on the 1hb slice), and that the technique for volleying, serving and smashing are virtually the same. But, the forehand is significantly different, as is the 2hb since it has evolved to be basically a left handed forehand with some assistance with eye-hand coordination from the right hand.
That is what I said. For a beginning 1 hander, there is nothing new except a little more topspin and open stance on the forehand.

It is good you smashed the myth that volleys, serves and smashes and 1 handed BHs are different. That is just marketing nonsense.

The 2 handed BH issue is really interesting. Many older coaches today are 1 handers, but their junior students are all 2 handers. I know some of them actually teach the 2 hander, while others seem to let the student pick it up by osmosis from other students and then fine tune it a bit.
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