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Originally Posted by levy1 View Post
Thank you,
So he mounts the top and bottom loose and then tightens the 12 and 6 clamps. That is different. I thought you mount the 12 and 6 then go to the others. Also I snug up the clamps which according the the video he does not. I guess when he starts pulling strings it will sung up?
I would not call anything really loose. I believe the video is attempting to let you know not to crank it too tight, that just snug not to distort the racquet when mounting it.I have a six point, but it is a suspension type so the side arms touch top and bottom of frame equally with 2 points on the end of each arm and move together simultaneously.

I typically just secure the side arms rather loose at first,
then do the same for the 12 and 6 positions, then go back to be sure all places are snug only and not pressing to over tighten is all.I use to grab the handle and twist to be sure it really does not have movement, but after a while that is not necessary as you get a feel for the proper snugness.

My machine is very similar mounting to the Star machine in video, as the arms more together, and if overtightened when you go to release the racquet if there is pressure on those arms it is locked and will not release no matter how hard you try to crank on the knobs to open the mounts. This video is attemping to tell you it is not necessary to overtighten is all, really just snug finger tight so those arms do not stay locked when the job is finished.

BTW, I now use those load spacers or what ever they are called especially at the head of racquets as it evens out the stress at the small 12 oclock contact of point machine mount on the racquets. Maybe not a necessity, but since it does seem to even out or spread out the contact point I guess I feel better about it as it seems like a lot of force on those 1st 2 mains and those load spacers gives more surface area.. Anyone else here typically use those???

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