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Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
I am not certain of the use of these terms so research on your own -

There is the issue of whether the TE is tendonitis (more inflammation?) or tendinosis (healed tissue with defective scar tissue, fibrosis..?...) or some mixture of the two conditions. Obviously this gets very complicated, unknown, and risky especially if the elbow is still under heavy stress with exercises or tennis.

Tendinitis -

Tendinosis, Eccentric treatment is mentioned as an area of research -

Here's my take.

The initial bout of tennis elbow is tendonitis.

Healing of microscopic tendon tears involves the body laying down protein fibers.

In those who get such severe tennis elbow that they come to surgery, they usually have had multiple epsisodes of healing and tearing, healing and tearing, healing and tearing.

The result is a tendon largely relpaced by a tangle of "healing" fibers - tendonosis.

Normal tendon fibers:

One small group of tendon fibers that have undergone fibrosis (tendonosis):

Advanced case of multiple tendon fibers that have undergone fibrosis (tendonosis):
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