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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
Again speak for yourself...

I multitask all day with no noticeable lag! Only problem with my Rezound was low battery life and side buttons too flush with the casing. Both were solved with a $25 extended battery and cover, options not even available on the Iphone!

Sounds like you 'rooted' your phone wrong; thought you were a tech guy
Hmmm I didn't realize you couldn't have a cover (case) on the iPhone...

I unplugged my phone yesterday at 2:30pm. Used it relatively heavily the remainder of the day, now at 56% at 10am. I'll make it through the rest of the work day and most of the evening before I charge it again for tomorrow. Getting 30 hours of battery with moderate usage pretty much nixes any need for an additional or extended battery.

Again, it's all up to what people personally prefer. For years I thought I hated Apple and the iPhone, and that I loved Droids. After seeing my friends with iPhones still loving them after 1-2 years and beyond, and my own frustrations, I made the leap, and I'm happy I did. There are still amazing things about Android, and it's a great OS with some great phones. For people that like those, or WP, or Apple or whatever, great.

The mobile phone wars are getting out of hand.
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