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Talking muscle worship lol

Originally Posted by sixftlion View Post
Not sure why you think you know it all about me, but you missed that I have worked with racquetball players for over 5 years, and have played some too. So maybe instead of wasting your time on being bothered about how many master degrees I have (I can do whatever I want with them), think about why you have all your PES and CES while you are completely against everything they teach.

Making an analogy of your fitness trainers and me is like me saying that I have seen many idiots here in Venice Beach, therefore you must be one.
I am just so sick of trainers and group instructors who think they are a dietitian or a nutritionist. I had one idiot tell me before a class and a few other people eat for your blood type wtf. I told her too bad their is no science to back up that bs diet. I have 15 certs over 21 years and even gone to cec classes taught by chiropractors and athletic trainers so I know as much as possible.

This way when my clients tells me about some tpye of training I can tell them if it is good or crap and a waste of time and might get hurt too. I will not put something down unless I already checked it out.
I have two spin certs but I don't teach it but I wanted to see what it was all about since I was a real road racer. Most spin teacher don't even ride outside just coverted step class teachers. So are you saying that is not u on utube?

I google your name on utube and that video came up and it looks just like u. I also seen you play tennis please learn to play before teaching others. I guess u don't count natural diuretics like my coworkers who look just like u and win natural bb shows. Really racquetball are the 1980's coming back. That mfriend is a sport for fat dudes. All u need a ia good serve and a killer crack shot. I seen people play that and hold a can of beer. Squash is a real sport their is more running in English squash than clay court tennis. PS: love the video of u picking up a dude then squating with one hand touching his junk another wrestling schome haha.
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