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I placed DRII on ignore because he is just trolling. You can tell by his past posts he is in here just trying to argue about a phone and stir things up, Its pretty sad, but he adds no value to the conversation. Probably just a young kid who needs attention.

Most people blame the user for things, but I have rooted droids for 3 years and know exactly what I am doing. Achieving S-off on my phone either happens or it doesn't. There is no way to make mistakes since a mistake returns a bricked phone or a bootloader that still says S-on. This is common knowledge that even the most basic user of an android would understand. DRII clearly does not even understand how to root a phone and has most likely never done it. He clearly is not an experienced Droid user in this instance. He is using antiquated technology (in cell phone terms) and is most likely angry or jealous that he does not have the disposable income for a new phone.

I posted in here sharing why I am switching to an iphone. I know my phones and have a lot of experience on the droid os and iOS. Just like Bigserver, I know what I want and have proven that I have made an educated decision. Iliterally have the exact same experience as Bigserver, and I sincerely doubt we are the only 2 people in the world with this thought process.

Also agree, an extended battery sucks. New phones are thin and I dont want to ruin that with an extended battery. It ruins the point. Really great to hear that about yor iphone. My droids battery is very good now, but only on some days when the multitasking doesnt surface and it burns the battery opening and closing apps in the background. Even freezing apps, uninstalling , and minimizing my phone usage has not solved the issue. guy I work with had the extra battery for the evo, and finally gave up and just got an iphone. I asked him again this week, and he said it is a "no brainer". Perfect for work and the battery and performance is far better. He has the 4S.

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