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Originally Posted by JRstriker12 View Post
99% of my xbox right now is streaming netflix. Most of the video now is in HD since the connection is faster.

Wonder why MOCA isn't used more often seeing as a lot of houses prob have more coax though out the house.

Wifi might be easier, but unless you live in a small apartment or get the installer to go through the trouble of putting it in the best spot (not just the easiest install spot) - you're sure to find a few dead spots.
ppl don't use MOCA cause ppl don't know about it. Besides, not everyone wants to do any network tweaks. But for FIOS, we're kinda locked in as these Actiontec routers are the only one's supporting this.

Gosh I want to go out and hit this week!

Curse office fridges! I am eating a pasta popiscle!

Also, in other news, I have started making hot sauce from my homegrown green thai chili. I just made some from chili's, garlic, vinegar. Thank goodness I made it outside. As soon as I started bottling inside the house, everyone ran upstairs. Maybe I can sell it as riot gear? I can feel my eyebrows burning off as soon as I opened the processor.

Anyone know how I can emulify without using some chemicals? Trying not to add so much vinegar.

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