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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I never really got the point of hybriding poly..I mean I kind of do, but I guess I am happier finding a full bed of one that just does what I prefer.
For me the issue boils down to:

1. Luxilon is quite expensive, so using a cheaper cross keeps costs down.
2. Alu power, while middle-of-the-road for poly stiffness, is stiff in the grand scheme of strings. Using a softer cross poly keeps it easier on the arm.
3. Gut/Poly, Nylon/Poly hyrbids can achieve items #1 and #2, but they never felt good to me. The stringbed feels too uneven.
4. You can mix cool color schemes!

Some people even claim that the slippery nature of polys that allow the increased spin is heightened between two different types of poly. This I can't attest to, but if it's true, then that's cool too!
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