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Originally Posted by jim e View Post
...My machine is very similar mounting to the Star machine in video, as the arms more together, and if overtightened when you go to release the racquet if there is pressure on those arms it is locked and will not release no matter how hard you try to crank on the knobs to open the mounts. ...
Jim that will work if you have a machine that uses one adjust for the two side supports at the top and the bottom. If there are individual adjustment for each side support it is quite a bit more difficult to get the racket centered between the side supports so it is also centered on the 6 and 12 supports at the same time. It all depend son what type of machine levy1 has. With individual adjustments if the supports are off 1/8" when you center the frame on the top or bottom supports one side support is way too loose while the other way too tight.
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