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Sweet. What I do for punctuation is say "period" or "question mark" on the droid and it works. In fact the voice to text on the droid is one of the best parts for me about the phone.
You can continue to do the same on the iPhone. I think you need at least a 3G signal for it to process as it goes back to the servers.

For me, dictation works really well. Better than I could have possibly imagined. Which is just as well, as being outside the US, Siri was useless for anything else (that's supposed to have changed with iOS 6, but I have yet to test it in anger). However, I do have one friend who just can't get the dictation working for him at all. If you asked me whether he has a strong accent or speaks in a slovenly way I'd have said not really, but there's clearly something about him it doesn't like. I don't know which of us is the norm, but I'm glad I came out on the good side!
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