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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
Whenever I hit someone I always say sorry whether I was trying to or not. I also say sorry if I hit an errant shot that goes towards them. I did a lot of sorry-saying today because the sun was really bad and I had a few errant serves that went "in the direction" of the net player when I was serving on the deuce side and trying to serve the returners backhand.

If it was as easy as "just win" im pretty sure a lot less people would resort to any tactics other than simple play.

I mean, if I was as good as you, I would never have to hit in the direction of anyone at anytime for any reason. Every time I would hit an overhead its always well clear of people, I may even call out where im going to hit it so they can get out of the way. Every time I attempt to pass it always paints the line well clear of any of their players and they always call it in. Sounds like a fantastic game you have.

Making bad line calls is a d-bag move to me.
Gamesmanship is a d-bag move to me.

Beaning people is a part of the game, intentionally or not. When you play high level tennis you cannot expect people to just "avoid you". In social tennis people play very nice. High level competitive games people do get beaned all the time and you cannot let it distract you. Beaning people and getting beaned by people is inevitable especially when the ball is moving fast.
When you start to react to your opponents attempt at "gaming", i.e. intentionally trying to peg them, you have already mentally lost and are falling right into their trap. You are letting their actions bother you and not focusing on YouR gameplan.

I think the op's point was that because his father trained him to deal with the "gaming" at an early age, he is now mentally stronger and doesn't let those petty things affect the way he plays.

I realize pegging people is part of the game and sometimes happens unintentionally, but your original post made it sound like you intentionally peg people whenever you feel they are trying to "game" you...and it sounded like an everyday thing.
I'm glad that since then, you have further clarified. I mean, at least you say sorry .

I think that if you're playing for money, anything goes, but c'mon it's just league man. No matter how "high-level" this league is, at the end of the day it's just for fun. I am only a 4.5, not a touring pro, but still, as someone else mentioned, hitting the ball straight at me will only result in a simple drop volley out of your reach.

As far as intentionally going after someone regularly.... well as Key would say, C'mon Man!
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