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Originally Posted by DRII View Post
No, not at all...

but, please try not to lose perspective and turn into an applebot!

Such as ignoring the horrible problem with iOS maps (or pretending it isn't a problem because the all mighty Apple will most certainly fix it ), or ignoring that you can't view flash on your phone, or use voice and data at the same time, etc, etc...
LOL, it's hard for me to lose perspective when I've used Android for 3.5 years and an iPhone for 3 days. I know what I'm talking about with Android, and just because I disagree with you doesn't mean I'm wrong. We've clearly had different experiences, which is fine, but I have zero regrets in leaving Android, even with the things you mentioned.

Apple maps is an issue. No doubt there (and I never said it wasn't), but Google has developed their own iOS app which is waiting on approval, and Nokia apparently has a solution in the works for iOS too. Add to it that Apple will improve their own app, and this isn't the biggest deal ever.

As far as flash goes, I never really found myself using it on my Android phone...Most embedded videos on websites and things like that are compatible with the iPhone, and Flash is certainly trending downwards in the grand scheme of things.

Voice and Data is a downside to Verizon and the iPhone, but they're working on deploying voice over LTE, which would make this a non-issue. Until then, it's a drawback that some other LTE phones don't experience. I typically only talk and browse at home, which is still entirely possible over WiFi.

Again, for some people, the above things might be dealbreakers. For people that want a huge screen, or absolutely have to have NFC for instance, those are deal breakers. For me? Not the case, and I'm happy with the decision I made.
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