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wow..great point. Didnt know about voice/data over wifi. Also I did know about the voice data issue myself, but I made a note of how much I used both and it was pretty rare. I decided I wanted the verizon network more than anything as it is the best signal in my area.

There is no real need to justify the decision to one guy who is clearly upset and a little unstable about the phone talk. I just like to have rational discussions. that is what sucks about phone war people. You can say "hey I did these things to try and solve my problems and they just did not work, I dont think this phone is right for my needs" and the phone warriors will argue that you did it wrong, you dont know what you are doing, you are a sheep..etc. It is utterly bizarre to me.

If you really need flash on your phone for example, you can get Griffin browser. It has a free demo and is a couple bucks. No big deal. If you need a better gps than maps, there are hundreds in the app store. Once again, not a huge deal. In fact I would consider that a far easier solution than spending $25 on a phone case and god knows how much more for an unsightly extended battery just to have your phone last all day. I know the price ratio is in my favor by over $20.

By the time the LTE deployment is done and voice/data is working in a couple months, the apple maps app will probably be a lot better as well and people will be running out of things to argue about.
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