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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
It is like everything else. The student learns from the master, and then he becomes the master. He comes up with his own variations on top of what he has learnt, and if they are good, the next generation learns from him.

But to be frank, apart from the forehands of the top men, very little has changed stroke-wise. The changes have been more in fitness and focus on baseline play for slower surfaces. Even on the forehand, it is only the Federer and Nadal forehands which are given as examples of innovation, and the Nadal one had its big following among coaches and students till a year ago, but now people are questioning his whole style of play and what it does to the body.

Watch some of the lower-level pros. They still lose because of UEs, lapse of concentration, or not trying hard enough. And they still can't hit forehands like Fed or Nadal.
Hahaha! Sureshs thinks that if he repeats the same nonesense often enough it will suddenly be magically transformed into the truth. This reminds me of BevilDevil's crusade to prove than a modern 2hb really isn't primarily a left handed forehand. He just can't let it go.
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