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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Also, for modern closed-face topspin with a Western grip, the ball is often hit close to the lowest part of the (horizontally-aligned) frame and those extra square inches make a huge difference. It would be impossible for Nadal to hit his topspin with a 90 sq inch head.
That also depends on the width of the racquet face and the beam width. Not all racquets are shaped the same - some are wide and short while others are narrow and long. Thinner beamed racquets allow the ball to get closer to the edge of the stringbed while not clipping it. The TWU Professor has a comparison called "Spin Window" to look at these things. Nadal's racquet is a thick beamed racquet. While not a 90, take a look at the spin window of the 93" Prince Diablo Mid. Depending on the angle of swing it may have a bigger spin window than the 100" APDGT
Let's try this Textreme 95 for a while.
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