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Originally Posted by Blaxican10s View Post
Um no. Thats what we call standing my your product and keeping your customers current with the most updated enhancements and letting your consumers know that you're going to fix something when its not right.

Thats something that tons of Android users can't claim. Take for instance users of the Motorola Droid Bionic who are still running ginger bread who are waiting for their ICS updates while other phones are already getting jellybean updates.

Your like every other android ****** who loves to name call Apple users names because you have something against Apple. In reality, I like my phone to run as smoothly in 2 years as it does the day I receive it. Thats something that almost zero Anroid users can claim.
Yea, current with updated enhancements that do not work i.e. the iOS6 maps!

Plus, All those gingerbread androids have a proper mapping program that works, and with free (fully integrated and native) voice navigation -- something the Iphone 5 does not have!

I was just updated from ginger bread; everyhting worked great with it. ICS did bring some new features but nothing ground breaking. I know applebots tend to always want the newest shiniest thing on the block, hence waiting in line for a week and grossly over paying, but the last android build was very good and provided everything -- including features that the newest Iphone still can't manage or do!

And like I said, i have nothing against Apple (they're a corporation nothing more nothing less), I have a Mac at home. But I do have a problem with applebots or any other group of blinded, worshipping, excxuse making, followers!

Discerning consumers who choose the Iphone are just fine in my book...
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