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Ok here goes. I had a tough time with this playtest. I had terrible initial impressions with this string as the flat profile made it look like I was strung with 1.50 gauge strings. I did not like the feel or playability of this string at all. I would not be confident saying that this string is polyester, in fact I'm convinced that it's some sort of Nylon.

I strung this at 52 lbs on a Pure drive Roddick that I normally string with Solinco revolution at the same tension. I play heavy topspin and I guess technically I would be considered an aggressive baseliner but I like to finish points off at the net and mix in serve & volley.

Power level: This is either a medium powered poly or a medium/low powered solid nylon. Again I'm not confident that this is a polyester string. It had a decent level of ball speed and power.

Feel: Oh wow. Feel? this string felt like plastic. That's the only way I can describe it. If felt like a very poorly made, dead, solid core nylon. This did not have poly feel to me.

Spin: Spin was maybe average for a solid core nylon, well below average if this is indeed a poly. The flat profile provided little bite into the ball and no "snap back" that you would expect from a polyester string. If they are to use this shape for some reason it should be twisted to provide some sort of bite. Or if someone wanted to close up a very open string pattern I guess it would work for that as well. The string movement was unacceptable.

Comfort: This was an area that this string was acceptable. Not outstanding but acceptable.

Durability: I feel like because of the amount of movement I am getting from these I could break this which is also why I don't think it's a pure poly. I do not normally break polys unless they are very very thin, as they go dead before I could notch them enough to break. I can not stand these long enough to try to break them so durability is acceptable as well.

Playability duration: These strings lost a decent amount of tension but I disliked the way they played so much that they didn't necessarily play any worse just a little more power and a little less comfortable towards they end. They remained at the level of playability they started with basically which is very very poor.

Control: I found no control with these strings I couldn't find consistent depth off either wing and since I use spin to control my shots the lack of spin was making for a ton of unforced errors both long and into the net when forced to overcompensate. The trajectory from the stringbed was inconsistent as well which had me floating volleys and getting pummeled at the net in doubles. First volleys when serving and volleying were a crap-shoot as I couldn't keep them low enough to be affective. It was this aspect of this string that made me hate it.

Compare this string to the one I use most often: Well It's worse in every way compared to any string I've ever used so I can't. I would have to compare this string to other things that were awful like George Clooney playing Batman, Godfather 3, and Starwars episodes 1-3.

After hitting with this string at 52 the lack of control would have me stringing it at maybe 58 to 60 lbs. This string had the playability of a solid core nylon that would normally come pre-strung on a wal mart racket. I would not recommend that anyone hit with it at that tension, I would recommend that you skip this one all together. I was not a fan of this string and would say I'm glad that this a prototype because I would be wary of any company that would release a string on the market.

Thanks for the opportunity TW and Gamma......Nope, try again.
This had me ing
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