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Originally Posted by tennis5 View Post
Has anyone read the letter that the USTA lawyers wrote.........

I tried to copy it in here, but guess what, this letter can not be copied.

Statements like,

"There has been no representation, implicit or explicit, that changes will be made."

make we wonder if there will be anything changed back that will be meaningful....
For full context....
The letter from USTA execs, current chair and incoming chair to Jr Committee

"However it is certainly possible modifications may be appropriate and or that parts of the schedule of implementation may need to be adjusted.
The goal of everyone is to work towards a system which we can align behind as we look to the future with many times the #'s of participants as we have today."

So here the USTA execs are positioning that there are no changes that will be made(guaranteed)or(committed to yet)
However "Modifications" might be appropriate
and or parts of "schedule of implementation" an opening for timeline "pause"

They are positively acknowledging the universal goal of a system where we can support a future of more participation than today.

So the # of nat'l opportunities charts were and are being heaviliy considered
and is a primary centerpoint.
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