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Originally Posted by sureshs View Post
Is it good to take so much?
I addressed this, in part, in post #16. According to, it appears that even 30 mg of lycopene is safe (with2-30 mg suggested). According to MC, it may be beneficial for prostate & vision health, CVD, cancer and a number of other health concerns. Studies with lycopene from tomatoes appear to show some benefit. Not sure if extensive studies with lycopene supplementation is conclusive tho'.

I do not believe that there is any know toxicity with high lycopene intake. However, excessive levels of lycopene and carotenes (such as beta-carotene), can cause yellowing (or orange-ing) of the skin -- this condition, however, is considered harmless. Some years back, I worked with a woman who drank about 2 liters (1/2 gallon) of carrot juice daily. After several months, the yellowing effect became noticeable.

As I mentioned in post #16, it is the AOA that suggests that a beneficial daily intake of lutein should be about 10 mg/day and a daily intake of zeaxanthin should be about 2 mg/day. Lutein and the other carotenoids is considered nontoxic and well tolerated even in high doses. High intakes for 6 months to several years has yet to show any health risk. However, it is not known if several decades of high intake might have a downside. Best to get carotenoids from food sources and, if deemed necessary, take a decent supplement 3x/week.
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