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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Perfect video..shows it exactly.

Also shows why I struggled with pronation so much for a while. I threw curveballs for years as I played shortstop in baseball and had to make a lot of sidearm throws. That curveball finish allowed me to gun the ball hard to first base and it would drop right into proper spot.
Funny - I played shortstop for years too and always had a natural curve from left to right on long throws. Sounds like we had opposite spins if yours was right to left (assuming you're a righty since you played SS). Mine certainly came from pronating and probably why I had a live arm in baseball and on my serves. Definitely not something I practiced, it just seemed to happen naturally. That infielder quick cocking of the arm also lent itself really well to a more abbreviated service motion. Had a coach teach that to me back in '95, and I remember seeing Roddick a few years later and thinking, "hey that's the first service motion (not results obviously) that resembles mine."
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