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Originally Posted by uk_skippy View Post
How many people can answer this Q (correctly)?

I serve a 1st serve fault, and my opponent breaks a string while returning it?

What's my next serve? Another 1st serve, or a 2nd serve?
I would say first serve since your opponent caused the delay. I'd give you the first serve anyway if I was the returner even if I'm wrong.

Here are a few rules that seem to be little known from the guys I play:

1. I can ask the opponent for their view of a shot they hit where they clearly had a better view than I did. And if they saw it out, they should say so when asked. Yet in years of playing, I have only ever had a handful admit their shot was out. The response is almost always, "I didn't see it" or worse, "It's your call."

2. Win the toss - and "defer." I almost never do it just because I get tired of explaining what it means.
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