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Tension used for playtest-
Regular string set up-
Genesis Black Magic 17g
Racquet brand and model used for test-
Tecnifibre 320 Tfight 16x19
Power of test string-
Power level of the string was low, much lower than my usual set up.
The string was on the stiff side to me and felt plasticy

Spin was below average, not as good as my usual set up which i would say my usual set up is about average when it comes to spin for a poly.

The string was on the stiff side. I wouldn't say it was uncomfortable but definitely there are more arm friendly strings out there. My usual set up is much more comfortable.

Durability seems fine. I usually get about 7 hours of my usual setup and it breaks. I dont think i am going to make it that far with this string, i will most likely cut it out.

Playability Duration (share thoughts on if/how the playability changed over time)-
The string was really stiff initially and then softened up a bit after 20 minutes or so of hitting. The play ability didn't change much over time, I thought the string just softened up a bit.

Control (predictable trajectory? performance on different strokes and swing speeds?)-
To me the control was an issue. The string bed did not feel "honest." Maybe it had something to do with the unique shape of the string. On some strokes i could swing out and the control was fine and then every now and then it would just "fly" on me. Seemed unpredictable at times.

Compare to the string you use most often-
Current set up is softer, more power, more spin and better control.

Tension recommendations (after hitting it, would you recommend a different tension? Why?)-
maybe string it a little tighter, 55lbs?, to see if could get a little more control/predictability...even though over all it seemed like it was low powered

Summary: List 1 or 2 primary likes and dislikes.
It was a pain to string, most likely due to the shape. Also felt the string was unpredictable.
There isnt much that i liked about the string to be quite honest.

Thanks to TW and Gamma for the playtest.
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