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I'm scared of idiots who THINK they know what they're talking about when it comes to dota. Just had a bunch in my last game... It's really quite simple. Hero picks DO NOT MATTER at nooby pub level. It's all about the player. Just play smart, and you'll do fine. But noooo, they start bashing me because I'm 1-3-7 Faceless who can't get kills because the rest of the team fed the other team. Most last hits and denies on entire team, least amount of deaths. Problem is we had an 0-9 Destroyer and a Mortred that was just as bad.

I need to just go back to just playing Kunkka and ghost boat +tidebringer crit everybody. Kunkka has become my absolute favorite hero. Absolutely a ton of fun to play, and pimpslapping entire teams with a good crit is hilarious.
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