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Originally Posted by tball2day View Post
Just telling you what the players tell me dude. Not makin' it up. You used the word "all" I didn't. But ya, for most, it is not the way they want to spend that time. Sorry if someone's feelings are hurt that some don't like the party. How many players (not coaches, but players) do you know that attend(ed) this and have you talked to over the last 3 years? Ya, that's what I thought.
You said "the college guys go ugh". Since you wrote it, I guess that means however many you want, one, some, all. Take your pick. I don't have to talk with one player there to you you're full of it. So you know one college player that does not want to play or thinks he's above playing a top USTA junior at a college event. It's obvious to me that a bad attitude is a good excuse for a loss for you. Nice.
Ok you win.
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