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Default Set-by-set stats

Using the official stats from
(Federer won 7-6, 5-7, 6-4, 6-7, 7-5)


Federer served at only 53% in this set, his low for the match. Yet he won the set.

In this set each man was at his lowest point in net success: Sampras won 6 of 15 net approaches (40%), Federer 7 of 16 (44%) (Federer hit 44% again in the fourth set).


In this set Sampras bottomed out at 20% success on 2nd serve (yet he won the set). Federer also hit his low mark on 2nd serve, at 38%.


Astonishingly, Sampras won only 50% of his 1st-serve points in this set (10 of 20). In fact he had greater success on 2nd serve (56%) than on 1st – the only set in which that happened to either man.

Sampras’ service percentage in this set was only 56%, his low for the match.

Not a surprise that Sampras lost this set (and by the easiest margin of any set).


In this set Sampras hit his highs in service percentage (78%) and success on first serve (90%), as well as in net success (71%).

Federer hit his low on 1st serve success (77%) and in net success (he won 8 of 18 approaches, or 44%).

Not a surprise that Sampras won this set.


Federer served at 69% in this set, his high for the match. He also hit his high for success on 2nd serve (70%), as well as his high in net success (63%).

Including double-faults, each man played his cleanest tennis in the fifth set – Sampras with 4 unforced errors and Federer none.
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