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Originally Posted by Number1Coach View Post
Well if this is what college player talk like show a complete lack of integrity , once again something you wouldn't want family associating with , people who lack integrity probably lack a work ethic one day turn into the 99% occupy movement !
Ummm dude.... I played d1 in socal. I played with Sampras as a junior. I went to a powerhouse tennis school. I had no aspirations to turn pro. Tennis was not my and most of my teams priority apart from the top guys with pro intentions.

Sorority girls and frat parties. You can bet those college kids did not want to play a junior . No matter how good he was. Fact is we had so many tennis practice sessions and matches any extra practice matches we tanked if we had to run too much and get too tired. We had school as well lol. We managed to try to play just enough to win practice matches but sometimes you lose to guys who you should beat. Not worth grinding it out for a practice match. Especially one with no bearing on your record. Or your spot on the team.

I'm sure your kid is awesome as he is ranked higher than I was as a kid. But then again I took Chang to 3 sets as a kid. And took a set off Pete once. But that does not mean I was pro material. I knew it. I won so infrequently against the top guys it was obvious. And when I did I knew they didn't try as hard. or lost interest.
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