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Big John
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Hit with the blacked out and lighter h22. There is a bit of flex but still very much on the stiffer side and punishing on mishits. Great when you flush it though!

Changed the lead positioning on the p25 to 2 lots of say 4 inches at 12. Hey presto! Feels great, nice levels of power and spin. Very promising, lovely flexy feel but still with plenty of pop.

Still waiting on the h19 open patterns, fingers crossed.

Have strung up the AA actual racquet. Think there has been some lead taken out but still 372 strung, balance 32.. Yonex butt cap?

Anyone out there compared h22 and h19? I've read whats been written. Got some flexier h22 xl's coming in tight pattern, just need the h19 tight and open now to complete my search.
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