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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Tried to look up details of this product on the Costco website. Note says that the product is no longer available (perhaps that only applies to online purchases). If this product really delivers this much in each softgel, then this appears quite impressive. Hopefully this Costco house brand is a quality product. Assuming that is delivers this much in each softgel, you should only need to take it every other day or 3x/week (particularly if you are eating foods with these nutrients).

I took a closer look at the product that I was using and discovered that the carotene levels and other nutrients were more than adequate but the levels of the carotenoinds, lutein & zeaxanthin, were very low (less than 100 mcg). I just picked up a very reasonably-priced Lutein Esters (20 mg) product made by NOW (Foods). Each softgel provides 10 mg of lutein and 1.34 mg of zeaxanthin + cryptoxanthin. NOW, in general, provides very high quality products. Here is a listing of the lutein products:

You should also be able to find some 5-10 mg lycopene products for a moderate price. CVS, Lucky's and a number of other retailers will often have one of more of their lycopene products on sale for 50% off (or BOGO free). CVS has these sales quite frequently (more than once a month?).
aha! good to know about the mcg to mg thingy..
going for Lutein Esters 20 mg

thanks for the useful info
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